Bringing Experience, Effective Leadership, and Results to the Oakland City Council

Sheng Thao Profile

Community Engagement

  • Partner with the community to convene town-halls and community meetings in District 4 to discuss district priorities, including for:
    • Bi-annual City Budget
    • Other district issues e.g. undergrounding, vegetation management plan, public safety, and more.
  • Open-door policy at City Hall. As Councilmember for District 4, I will continue to have an open door policy where you can come speak to me and my staff at City Hall, via email, or phone.
  • Host bi-weekly office hours in the community where I, as your Councilmember, will be available. I will also rotate attending the different neighborhood councils and neighborhood associations within our district.  

Housing insecurity

  • Housing the unhoused immediately through a robust and comprehensive plan.
    • With the over $8 million dollars that the City has recently secured from the State’s surplus funds: acquire an unoccupied hotel/single room occupancy building to immediately house the unhoused. This way the city will also be investing in the property and can leverage the land in the future.
    • Partner with County health services, mental health services, social services, and our nonprofits to bring wrap-around services, including resume building workshops and job placement.
    • Support and expand our local jobs. We need good paying local jobs to minimize displacement. I will work on investment in our job training centers, and work with both private and public organizations and businesses to develop strong pipelines for careers in the trades, green energy, technology, and more.
  • Expand our housing stock at all income levels, including affordable housing and deeply affordable housing.
    • Cutting red-tape and streamlining the city’s permitting process. Currently, the city’s permit department is overloaded, meaning it can take months, sometimes even a whole year to get the permits needed.
    • Make it easier for homeowners to add accessory dwelling units, also known as in-law units.
    • Implement transit oriented developments where there are transit hubs such as near BART stations. This will allow for denser infill of housing at all income levels and encourage the use of public transit.
    • Passing the public lands policy, which I’ve worked on for the past year. The policy advocates for using City owned land to build affordable housing. Public lands should be used for public good.


Expand and support local jobs and businesses – when we attract businesses that fit into Oakland, we create local jobs for Oaklanders.

  • More focused business development and recruitment.  Oakland loses an estimated $20 million a year in revenue due to a  lack of retail. Better business recruitment will not only provide residents with much needed retail options but also support city services such as public safety, youth services, and pothole filling.
  • Invest in local businesses and streamline the permitting process at City Hall.
  • Work with beat officers, neighborhood groups, schools, and businesses to implement strong community policing. Building ties between the police and the community they serve is essential to reducing crime and improving police-citizen relations.

Public Safety and Life Enrichment:

  • I will continue to work to fight for a strong, comprehensive and funded vegetation management plan.
  • Implement rapid response mechanisms for public safety, including for police response times. Partner with OPD, neighborhood councils, neighborhood watch groups to identify shortfalls in the current system.  
  • Support moving from complaint-base illegal dumping clean up, to a zone-based illegal dumping clean up system. This will ensure that our neighborhoods, parks, merchant corridors get cleaned more consistently.
  • Partner with transportation organizations to train volunteers and student ambassadors as safety patrol officers.
  • Advocate for and prioritize rapid re-striping of crosswalks that are near our neighboring schools.
  • Expand and support community emergency preparedness of natural disasters, including earthquakes and wildfire.
  • Support and fund our libraries, including for extended hours.


  • Redefine how pot holes are filled, so that our district can see more pot holes filled sooner.
  • Move from a complaint-based, to zone-based for pot-hole filing, illegal dumping and other quality of life concerns.
  • Undergrounding to decrease fire danger.
  • Work with EBMUD to better coordinate repair of sewer laterals to lessen the burden on homeowners.

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